The Maltings at Berwick Barracks

Closed 22 Jul 2022

Opened 23 Jun 2022


Last year a new £17.5m arts venue for the town was confirmed after the signing of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, with up to £15m of UK Government contribution. 

The new Maltings venue on Eastern Lane will be an ‘iconic, multi-purpose cultural and entertainment complex’ when its doors open in 2025.  

During the two-year build, it is proposed The Maltings will use available buildings within Berwick Barracks to continue delivering its programme.  

The temporary facilities, including The Gymnasium Gallery and The Mob Store, will add to the current cultural offer at the Barracks and also enable other arts organisations associated with The Maltings, such as the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, to continue to engage and attract audiences and visitors in the town.  

The Gymnasium Gallery, which is currently only used by The Maltings six months a year due to insufficient heating and cooling, will be refurbished to allow year-round activities and events to take place. 

At the Barracks, the “Mob Store” will be transformed temporarily into a single screen cinema with 100+ seats – meaning a new cinema for the town offering screenings throughout the year. Following practical completion of The Maltings, the Mob Store will then become the permanent home of Berwick Archives, accredited by The National Archives. 

Both the Cinema and the Gallery are scheduled to open in 2023. 

Janice Rose  

Interim Director of Regeneration  

Northumberland County Council  



  • Anyone from any background


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