Open Consultations

  • Northumberland PlayZones (Phase 2)

    Do you live in one of the areas listed below and would you like an outdoor sports space (PlayZone) for your community? We are working in communities around Northumberland that match the funding priorities set by Sport England. A PlayZone is an outdoor space usually the size of one or two tennis courts, which can be used for a range of sports and activities. PlayZones will be designed and operated based on feedback from the community. The potential PlayZones in the second phase... More
    Opened 19 May 2023
  • Employment & Skills Hub

    We're really keen to hear from residents about a new employment and skills hub. This hub would offer employment support such as careers advice and guidance, creating or updating a CV, job search and applications, digital skills, volunteering, employment and training opportunities, being self employed, interview skills, help with costs associated with finding a job (clothing/travel), or receiving support around your health and wellbeing. At the hub you can meet friendly staff from a range... More
    Opened 24 April 2023
  • Hexham High Street Public Realm Improvements - Traders' Access Requirements

    Further to our recent correspondence regarding the upcoming public realm works, this is a request to traders in the Hexham High Streets Heritage Action Zone for information on dates and times when they receive deliveries to their premises. Whilst we cannot promise to accommodate all requests we will do our best to work around the needs of local traders. More
    Opened 21 April 2023
  • Northumberland Employer Skills Survey 2023

    Northumberland business response sought by County Council We are seeking views of local businesses about their current and future skills, training & recruitment needs, to try and improve the employment rate of residents and develop a strong and inclusive economy. Employer Skills Survey is a key tool to measure the extent, nature and impact of skills, training and recruitment issues & challenges facing our employers, and how these skills needs are changing over time. Thank... More
    Opened 1 January 2023
  • Cargo cycle training

    Thank you for recently taking part in NCC's cargo cycle training, provided by Outspoken cycle training. This project has been part of the Capability funding used towards behavioural change within Northumberland. As part of our grant funding agreement with the DFT, and to support the development of projects such as these, we will welcome your feedback in the following questionnaire. This questionnaire will form part of our primary research to understand the effectiveness off this training... More
    Opened 10 November 2022
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