Northumberland Line - Palmersville Dairy level crossing

Closed 8 Aug 2021

Opened 12 Jul 2021


The existing pedestrian level crossing known as ‘Palmersville Dairy’ currently connects the Bellway Industrial Estate to the south with the residential estates of Palmersville to the north along the route of the Forest Hall 5 Public Right of Way.

The introduction of faster and more frequent trains on the Northumberland Line means that the existing level crossing will need to be closed for safety reasons, the proposed replacement pedestrian underpass provides a safe crossing for pedestrians.

The proposal for Palmersville Dairy level crossing is one element of the Northumberland Line project. 

Why your views matter

In November/December 2020 we undertook a public consultation on the Northumberland Line project. As part of this consultation, we asked for feedback on the closure of Palmersville Dairy level crossing and the option of replacement access being provided via a new pedestrian footbridge.

At the time of the 2020 public consultation, we advised that the design options for a replacement crossing for Palmersville Dairy were still evolving. Having now considered the options at this location and feedback from the public consultation the footbridge has been discounted.  A number of factors influenced this decision including the need to provide access across the railway line for both pedestrians and cyclists.  The project proposes a pedestrian underpass replaces the Palmersville Dairy level crossing.

We are seeking your feedback on the designs for the pedestrian underpass and works as outlined in the information leaflet which can be found at the bottom of this page.

We will use your feedback to inform the further development of the scheme.

What happens next

After consultation has closed, we will review all the feedback we have received and update our designs prior to submitting the planning application. As part of the planning application we will submit a Statement of Community Engagement that explains how people’s feedback has been considered and a short summary will be added to the project website.

You will have a further opportunity to comment on the planning application for Palmersville Dairy level crossing when it is submitted to the Local Planning Authority, North Tyneside Council.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Travel by Train