Education in the Berwick Partnership - Phase 2 Consultation

Closed 3 Mar 2023

Opened 31 Oct 2022


Welcome to Phase 2 Consultation on the future of schools in the Berwick Partnership.

During Phase 1 Consultation we asked parents, staff and the wider community in Berwick whether they believed a reorganised 3-tier structure (the current structure) or a reorganisation to a 2-tier (primary/secondary) structure would be better able to secure a viable, sustainable and successful education system across all phases from nursery to sixth form.

This Phase 2 Consultation sets out possible models of school organisation within both the current 3-tier system and within a 2-tier (primary/secondary) system.  The consultation document sets out the issues facing schools in the Berwick Partnership and why there have to be changes to the way schools are organised in the area, including possible school closures, in whatever system it is decided to be in place.

Please note that while this consultation is not a referendum, all views submitted will be carefully considered by the Council's Cabinet before deciding on next steps.


  • Anyone from any background


  • infrastructure