Study opportunity survey: Blyth based Technical Welding & Fabrication Training Centre.

Closed 19 Mar 2021

Opened 22 Feb 2021


Northumberland County Council wish to support young people and adults who aspire to develop skills and to work in technical roles within Welding, Fabrication, Pipe Fitting and Mechanical Engineering occupations.

These skills are in demand in manufacturing, structural engineering and energy sectors.

To allow this support to be provided, Northumberland County Council and Northumberland College are exploring the demand for a technical training facility to help you reach your aspiration to work in these roles. The proposed location is in the industrial area around Port of Blyth where employment opportunities are most concentrated.

The centre would offer fully funded full-time education or apprenticeships for school leavers, young people and adults who wish to work in the sector, training would prepare you for progression to a secure and high value career in a technical role.

The centre would also offer short courses in a variety of welding processes for adults and those already in the sector who need to upskill.

Why your views matter

Northumberland County Council are consulting on this subject to gain an understanding of the demand from potential trainees for the proposed Blyth based technical welding & fabrication training centre.

What happens next

Once the consultation has closed the need for the proposed training facility will be assessed concluding whether the centre is in demand by young people and whether it will offer value for money.


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