Have your say on new HUSK bungalows in Amble

Closed 18 Dec 2023

Opened 27 Nov 2023


Northumberland County Council are committed to providing a range of good quality affordable housing products to meet the needs of its residents across the County. An important part of this work involves looking at how current council buildings and land, including garages sites, can be repurposed to provide this much needed affordable housing. 

Northumberland County Council have been working with HUSK to develop proposals for the re-development of a number of garage sites across the County to provide one and two bed bungalows. Along with a number of other locations, Amble will form part of a wider program of potential HUSK developments.

The Housing Development Team have assessed all the garage sites in Amble. This has resulted in five sites which have been deemed suitable for re-development and Northumberland County Council are proposing to develop fifteen bungalows in total across these five garage sites using the HUSK system. 

What is HUSK:

The HUSK system inserts a contemporary designed bungalow into a terrace of empty garages.

Retaining the shell and concrete floors, the terrace of garages is carefully reconfigured into a single space and is restructured fully. The back and side walls remain in place. The new bungalow is then built off site, to spec and lowered into the void space to create a new property. 

Before and after image of a HUSK bungalow scheme in Tanfield, Durham

HUSK can offer a range of one-bedroom and two-bedroom bungalows with a fully serviced kitchen, bathroom, living and dining space. All HUSK homes are designed to meet the relevant building industry standards and requirements.

HUSK acts as the main contractor from design, planning, fabrication and groundworks right up to the final product. 

Who are the HUSK bungalows for?

Using Northumberland Council's Homefinder service, the bungalows will be allocated to residents with a local connection to Amble and who need accessible accomodation regardless of age. Following this, priority will then be given to those with a local connection to Amble and who are over 55 years of age but may not require accessible accommodation.

To register on Northumberland Homefinder please click this link: https://www.northumberlandhomefinder.org.uk/

What sites are included in these proposals?

Northumberland County Council are proposing to re-develop five garage sites at Kennedy Road, St Lawrence Avenue, Andrew Drive, Alndale and Windsor Terrace. 

Please continue with the survey to see an overview of the proposed plans for each site as well as find out more about the HUSK system itself. 

Why your views matter

Northumberland County Council understand that what happens in the area you live in matters to you, and we want to ensure the community of Amble is informed on Northumberland County Councils proposals for these sites. 

The comments Northumberland County Council receive as part of this consultation will be fed into the planning process for each site. 

What happens next

The next step will be for Northumberland County Council to apply for planning permission on each site. At this stage the community will have another opportunity to comment on the proposals. 


  • Public Information Session on Amble HUSK Developments

    From 12 Dec 2023 at 17:00 to 12 Dec 2023 at 19:00

    NCC will be holding a public drop in session at the Radcliff Club on Tuesday the 12th of December from 5-7pm.


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