Schools in the area covered by Berwick Partnership - Your Views

Closed 22 Oct 2021

Opened 14 Sep 2021


One of Northumberland County Council’s key priorities is to enable every child living in the County to attend a good, local school.  Part of the work to support this priority includes the provision of sound, suitable buildings in which school staff are able to effectively deliver the broad and balanced curriculum necessary for all children and young people to achieve to their full potential, no matter what their abilities.  In order to support this priority in the area covered by Berwick Partnership schools, the Council has already earmarked £40m for investment in education in Berwick within its buildings capital programme. 

However, while a brand new school building is welcome, it plays only part of a good school system.  In order for children to have the best chance of achieving their full potential, they need good and excellent teaching and learning provision at every stage of their school life.  Whether schools are organised as first, primary, middle, secondary or special, or as faith schools, community schools or academies, each one has a critical role in the experience of every child on their educational journey. 

With this in mind, the Council intends to look more widely at the current system of school organisation in the area covered by Berwick Partnership schools to ensure that any significant investment made in school buildings will achieve best value for the public purse in the form of improved outcomes for children and a long-term, viable school system.  Before beginning any formal process of consultation, we are asking you as school staff, parents, Governors and members of the wider community at this stage to provide us with some of your initial thoughts about what you believe are the priorities for a good system of educational provision suitable for this area, a system that enables children of all abilities to achieve their best.  To assist you with formulating your thoughts, we have provided you with a range of information to take into consideration when thinking about schools in the Berwick Partnership.  

This initial communication with you is a new approach by the Council.  We hope that you will take this opportunity to contribute to this important process at the outset by answering the questions that are posed to you within this document, and thereby influence any possible models that may be brought forward within a more formal consultation at a later date. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution. 

Cath McEvoy-Carr 

Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Children’s Services 


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