Selective License Survey - For residents of the proposed area

Closes 31 Oct 2023

Opened 15 Aug 2023


Northumberland County Council are looking to implement a licensing scheme in the area where you are a resident/owner of property, and we would like your views.  

Selective licensing is a scheme which will require all private landlords in the area to have a license in order to rent their property out, this allows the council to use powers to regulate landlords and agents of private rented properties in areas that suffer from low housing demand and/or high levels of anti-social behaviour and/or deprivation.  

The licensing period will last for up to 5 years and will require owners of private rented properties to have safe properties and meet basic standards, along with being managed in a satisfactory way.  

Click here to see the proposed area for the selective licensing scheme

For more information regarding selective licensing, please see here: 

The aim is that this scheme will lead to a better overall community, reduce anti-social behaviour and help to stabilise and improve the neighbourhood. 



Why your views matter

If you are a resident of the proposed area for selective licensing this is your chance to have your say, to tell us what you think of the scheme; what you think of the area and how likely you think it is that the scheme will make a difference. We welcome feedback on what you think should change and will take into account your voice when deciding on the scheme. 


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